amongst books

amongst books

Monday, February 22, 2021

how to survive times of disenchantment

 i don't really have any answer to this. but something of mine keeps getting rejected time and time again. i was thinking about all the things i would do: quit writing. self-publish, blah blah blah. why? some kind of revenge to all those who won't publish the thing? that's pretty silly. 

i'll keep sending the thing out, revising it, looking for its eventual home and i'll keep working on stuff because i need to do it, not for reasons of validation. dear Ego, go make a cup of tea and sit in a corner.

and when i do feel that disenchantment, i find making something so truly outrageous that it is impossible, unpublishable and makes me smile ... this makes me feel better. you can do anything as a creative person. skies the limits...however, it doesn't mean publishers have the money or time to support your weird. if you're lucky, once in a pink polka dot moon, your weird corresponds with a potential audience's weird and hence a publisher's willingness to publish. look out for those moments. they happen. 

take your disenchantment and make it weird. that's my answer...

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