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amongst books

Sunday, May 02, 2021


 “A society that does not respect women’s anger is one that does not respect women, not as human beings, thinkers, knowers, active participants, or citizens. Women around the world are clearly angry and acting on that emotion. That means, inevitably, that a backlash is in full swing, most typically among “moderates” who are fond of disparaging angry women as dangerous and unhinged. It is easier to criticize the angry women than to ask the questions “What is making you so angry?” and “What can we do about it?” — the answers to which have disruptive and revolutionary implications.”

Soraya Chemaly, Why Women Don’t Get to Be Angry,, 2018.

I get angry when having to deal with misogyny, ageism, ableism and fatphobia directed at me. I also get frustrated and angry at oppressors who cause racism, homophobia, transphobia and other injustices and acts of hate toward the marginalized.

I realized this morning that I am not a nice woman. A nice woman doesn’t let herself get angry and she doesn’t confront those who anger her or speak out against hate and injustice.

We’re in a fight against the systems of patriarchy, capitalism, colonialism and the hate, inequalities and injustices that are caused by them. So no, I’m not too concerned with my popularity or niceness. I am investing all my energies in finding ways to listen and learn from, support, and amplify the voices of women, LGBTQIA, BIPOC, and D/deaf and disabled people. That’s where my focus is. It means you may not like me very much. I’m ok with that. I don’t care about being liked, I just want things to be better.

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